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La Rustica S.n.c. di Stocchi Piero e C.

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For Piero and Lina, partners in life and in their business founded in 1983, the main goal is to combine passion, experience and the taste for good things to obtain high quality products. The research and selection of the best raw materials guarantee their customers daily freshness and authenticity.
This is why their handmade products have had great success: pasta specialties like, cappelli, tortellini cappellacci, tortelloni, ravioloni, caramelle, monachine, panzotti, fagottini etc. filled both with traditional and with innovative and delicious fillings.
Piero Stocchi first came in contact with Confartigianato Imprese Arezzo and, thanks to the assistance of a highly professional staff, the Associazione Pastai was born, an association of which he will then become president. Later, the Associazione gained regional status and today, still under the leadership of Piero Stocchi, national.
La Rustica has obtained the title of Maestro Artigiano (Master Artisan) from the Camera di Commercio of Arezzo and later has been also accredited as Bottega Scuola (Workshop-School) by the Regione Toscana with the purpose of bequeathing the art of the true artisanal fresh pasta preserving traditions and offering recipes that use the products of the territory. The workshop organizes courses designed both for professionals in the food service and for all those who want to learn the ancient art of making Fresh Pasta (for more information please contact +39 0575 357712).
La Rustica also features a refreshment point where you can taste the specialties of the pasta factory and more on site .