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Laboratorio di Moleria Locchi

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The Locchi workshop in the heart of Florence carries on the antique art of glassmaking.
Founded in the nineteenth-century in San Frediano the Locchi workshop still today makes glass using the same machinery and the same techniques passed on through tradition
Currently it is Paola Locchi, together with her daughter-in-law Giovanna, who takes on the job of restoring objects, of all periods and all styles, and of the creation of an exquisite line of gift articles in crystal using forms of the XVIII century. In fact the workshop, to which even the Granduca of Tuscany commissioned important works, has maintained the ancient moulds accumulated through the years, some of these even date back to the nineteenth century, so to allow for the reproduction of ancient forms requested by the noble Florentine families of the era. An additional wealth of the moleria is the so-called ‘Pozzo di San Patrizio’, a warehouse where unused and unfinished pieces are stored " So if we lose or break a glass object dear to us we can try and find a copy right in our storehouse.."