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Lanana – 4quarti Associazione Culturale

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Behind Lanana is a “small” woman with three great women behind her: two grannies and one mother with a passion for female activities, knitting needles and wool skeins scattered around the house. As a consequence: knitting has been with her since she was six years old.
Born in Florence in 1971, she studied and worked in fashion, music and performing arts. After graduating with a degree in Minor Arts/Costume and Fashion, she worked for twelve years in the fashion world taking care of photo shoots and fashion shows. Opportunities and various decisions took her to what was her passion: singing. Up until today, she sings, she teaches singing and while being in the theater world, she has had more than one opportunity to being involved with making costumes and working with stage make-up.
Her nickname has always been NANA: her father called her Nana since she was a child and her friends called her Nana (Italian for dwarf) because she was always the shortest one in the group. Since she wanted for her brand to speak both of the material she uses and loves, the “LANA” (Italian for wool), and of something that would represent the ironic image of herself, the “NANA” (female dwarf), combining them together produced the simple: LANANA!
The product is entirely and exclusively Italian and hand-made: knitting needles, crochets, wool needle and her hands. It is a product that tries to revisit fashion from the Middle Ages to today, in all its shapes and colors, appealing to all age groups. In her collections we mainly find jackets and accessories that, even in their simplicity, will give an elegant touch or an original detail to your style.