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Scarpelli Mosaici – Le Pietre nell’Arte

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The glorious tradition of mosaic in semi-precious stones is an ancient art that flourished in the 16th century Florence of Ferdinando I De’ Medici and finds in the Scarpelli laboratory, in the heart of the city, its natural prosecution in the sign of the absolute and recognized excellence.
This very special technique, which allows amazing pictorial and decorative effects, is called “commesso fiorentino”: from the Latin committere, which means to put together, to unite.
Scarpelli Mosaici - Le Pietre nell'Arte creates “stone paintings” using all the shades and varieties of the natural stones colors. Their paintings acquire an expressive power and a pictorial delicacy that amaze. It seems incredible to find so much beauty in such a hard and difficult material as stone.
Tuscan landscapes, Florence and the Arno river, children and animals playing, country scenes, seascapes, still lifes, flowers, are found in jewelry, paintings, tables and reproductions of famous paintings able to excite the viewer for their poetry and perfect execution.
Florence remains the cradle of the”commesso” in semi-precious stones, a workmanship handed down for centuries in the workshops that today has remained in the hands of very few master Florentine artisans.