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Lucia Boni

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Lucia Boni designs and makes jackets, coats and accessories hand woven with a vertical tension loom using the tapestry technique. She gives form and colour to her creations shaping them directly on the loom and thus excluding the use of scissors. The combination of colours and the work techniques are the result of a personal search that generates an original and precious product. The use of mohair super kid characterises her products giving them a result of lightness, softness and warmth. In addition the hand work of the individual garment allows the manufacture of unique and tailored pieces. Franco Zeffirelli commissioned to her part of the costumes for the actors of the movie "Hamlet" and Emilio Pucci wrote: "...Her work is hope and love and as such has a validity that transcends its substance and embellishes its value." One of her workshops is in Colle di Val d'Elsa, the other is in San Gimignano where her work is appreciated by customers from all over the world.