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Nerdi Orafi Firenze di Daniela Messeri

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Nerdi is an historic workshop with a strong flavor Renaissance. Just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, the workshop is at "Casa dell'Orafo", in the same monastery where the Florentine Goldsmiths worked under the ruling Medici family.
Since that time, masters of goldsmith have continued the skills, handing down knowledge of their ancient craft from generation to generation.
Nerdi tells a fascinating story of passion, art and tradition. A laboratory that tells the creativity of Florence, the industriousness of its people, the history that has made this city and made it only through the centuries.
It is here new jewellery is designed, using the most precious of metals. Here our artisans can recreate any idea or commission. It is here precious jewellery pieces can be restored, repaired and brought back to their former glory.
Simple, authentic and original, unchanged over tome, Nerdi uses the same tools to create and restore jewellery and objets d'art.
Many people appreciated the ingredients of the ancient craftsmen: Tradition, ARt, Passion, Genius, Patience.
We work day in and day out, striving for originality. It would be an immense pleasure to welcome small groups of visitors to show some secrets of the Florentine goldsmiths.