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  • Indirizzo: Strada Provinciale Sovana, 2 - - Sovana

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You can arrive to the rock settlement of San Rocco following the main road, the Strada Provinciale 22, at about 2 kms from Sorano in the direction of Sovana. At the entrance is a small church devoted to San Rocco. The church was built by the inhabitants of Sorano “by community vote,” most certainly during a plague outbreak, between the end of the 1400’s and the beginning of the 1500’s. Continuing on along the path, we get to a hill that looks like a large panoramic terrace surrounded by greenery and from where we can enjoy an impressive view over the village of Sorano and of the deep valleys surrounding it. Behind the church, a path takes to the Via Cava di San Rocco. Probably of Etruscan origin, this path, deeply dug in the tufa ridge, has a great scenic suggestion. Following the via cava, we get to the valley of the Lente river.