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Stickhouse – Il gelato artigianale su stecco

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Why not trying to combine the convenience of an ice cream on a stick with the quality of artisanal ice cream? This is the idea behind the patent, obtained in 2006 after years of experimenting, for the machine allowing to make an artisanal ice cream on a stick, an ice cream prepared daily and with genuine ingredients. A great tradition is thus renewed, thanks to Italian technology and creativity and in 2009 Stickhouse was born. Its ice creams are naturally good, artisanally made, but highly innovative and customizable by the client who can live a truly unique “creative experience.”
Stickhouse has another branch in Florence, in Por Santa Maria 33; in Foiano della Chiana (AR) the shop is located in Via Enzo Ferrari 51 and in Pistoia in Via degli Orafi 26.