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Takirai Design

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After graduating from the West Verginia University in the USA, in 1995 Yoko Takirai moved to Florence to study at the jewellery school "Le Arti Orafe", where she obtained a diploma in goldsmith's art, jewellery design, stone setting and engraving. This was followed by a diploma in project jewellery design from the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze. Between 1998 and 2000 Yoko taught goldsmith's art at the "Alchimia" school, shortly afterwards becoming assistant to Giampaolo Babetto. Another important artistic collaboration took place in 1998 with Pietro Pellitteri, art director of the Pellitteri Design. In 2002, Yoko founded Takirai Design in Florence, a company specializing in contemporary jewellery design. Pietro in 2012 leaves the Pellitteri Design to engage full-time in the field of contemporary jewellery. Since 2012 they are member of AGC the contemporary jewellery association in Italy.
Their collections have been exhibited at numerous shows both in Italy and abroad such as : BIJOUX=ART-Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada, JOYA-Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair, Inhorgenta Munich in Germany, CLASSIC-The 23rd Legnica International Jewellery Competition in Gallery of Art in Legnica in Poland, Loot ÐMAD about jewelry in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, SieraadÐInternational Jewellery Art Fair in Amsterdam, 27th Japan Jewellery Art Exhibition in The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, and Premio Fondazione Cominelli for the Contemporary jewellery in Italy. In 2007 their creations contributed to the collection exhibited at the Museo degli Argenti di Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In 2016 their three creations became part of the permanent collection of the Gallery of Art in Legnica in Poland.

Takirai Design creates innovative jewellery. Sometimes enigmatic, sometimes in their geometric forms, their jewelleries reveal in the moment of encounter with the body, a lightness and elegance. Thanks to a devotion to workshop research, their jewellery manages to achieve forms, which are pure, elegant andÊcomfortable.