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Abbadia San Salvatore – Cetona

“Handmade” Monte Amiata and Val di Chiana

Some skilful carver must have engraved and embossed the archaic profile of this territory.

Villages stand out on verdant headlands.
Medieval villages and farmhouses are scattered among the peaceful valleys. The candles of cypress give rhythm to the harmony of the horizon.

Abbadia San Salvatore surprises the visitor with the thirteenth-century church of Santa Croce, the many medieval buildings, the boundary walls and the beautiful trails that enter in the surrounding woods. One of these leads to the “rock of Dante” that bears this name because its profile would remember that one of the great poet. But the area possesses a resource now become a museum: mineral deposits.

The mining museum is the witness of the most authentic life of miners and history of the extraction of mercury.
Continue on to Cetona, an archaeological site dating back 4000 years ago, that today houses the Civic Museum of Prehistory of Monte Amiata.

This is a place full of history and symbols of the past, how winding streets up to the medieval fortress of the old town and the striking archaeological park: an oasis of nature in which human intervention has been severely limited and it’s still possible to visit caves and scenarios of arcane prehistoric events.

In such a context, workshops of goldsmiths create refined jewelry and vintage trinkets. Workshops of potters shape glazed ceramic cups and containers from earthy colors like the mountain.

Every gesture, every geometry and every object is the lure of millenary traditions that come alive on the pages of the most compelling book: the landscape.

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