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Anghiari, the village suspended in time

In the natural theater of the Tiber Valley, the wisdom of the Camaldolese monks conceived more than a thousand years ago, the medieval town of Anghiari.
This fortified town has maintained its ancient aspect, blending seamlessly with the landscape around it.

The province of Arezzo is indeed a universe drenched in sacredness and dotted with abbeys, small churches, monasteries, testimonies of faith and its adherence to daily life of people. Anghiari is the icon of an agreement among medieval architecture, spirituality and talent of its craftsmen.

In the mind of a traveler, indelible images are imprinted: the ramparts, the keep, the clock tower, the Praetorian Palace, the museum of local history and art in Taglieschi Palace. But the biggest thrill is to get where it all began and ancient traditions reflected in the spontaneity of gestures.

Tiny bottegas overlooking steep streets host the leaders of the know-how and their artifacts: furniture with inlays and carvings inspired by ancient landscapes, textiles spun on the loom that become towels, tablecloths and beautiful centerpieces.
The artistic craftsmanship of Anghiari is like its view: generous and long-lasting.

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