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Asciano – Sovicille

A galaxy of artistic workshops in the Crete Senesi

A variegated path through artistic workshops in the province of Siena. The area around Asciano is a place of irradiation of ancient Roman roads and magnificent paths

: on one side unwinds the Lauretana road that over the centuries has led the pilgrims to the sanctuary of Loreto, on the other one medieval monuments dot the countryside of profound beauty. In all of this stands a lovely triad: the Basilica of Sant’Agata, Piazza del Grano and Podesta’s Palace.

Towards Sovicille woods, alternate with cultivated hills, valleys form the backdrop to Etruscan, Byzantines, Romans and Lombards settlements, while Romite churches and medieval villages complete a polychrome picture of history and landscapes. Time seems to have stopped at the Romanesque church of Ponte allo Spino. Among the calming valleys sprinkled with castles and ruins, country houses and farms, local crafts takes shape.
Exclusive handmade items to decorate your home or to give as gifts to friends and family are waiting for you in the workshops of the artisans in Asciano and Sovicille.
Does your aunt collect precious knick-knacks? Here you will find finely decorated small pottery with the coats of arms of the districts of Siena.
Do you have a gardening fanatic as a brother in law? A vertical design planter is perfect for you.
Do you want to know how to surprise the more creative guests? The painted wooden boards conquer at first glance.
Opt instead for a set of Etruscan style terracotta to show off during informal occasions: there isn’t a more Tuscan table more than this!