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Fabric in Florence. Tailoring handicrafts that has the makings

Tailoring handicrafts that has the makings

Fashion permeates our lives even where we wouldn’t believe to meet it: in everyday and metaphor language.

How many idioms, proverbs, slang expressions have to deal with clothing, fabric and professional tools?

Who likes to talk chats with everyone, but sometimes should sew his mouth.

The luckiest are born with a caul, and many unfortunates shall remain in shirt. In a race there is always someone who gives a hard time: at the end take your hat off to the winners, while the loser suffers the great slam.

Treating guests with white gloves is a good rule of etiquette, but if conversation takes a turn for the worse it’s better to draw a veil over the matter… The fashion lives with us, but also leads us in a distant past.

How many women of classical myth are bent on spindles and looms? They are the synthesis of patience, precision, and above all the gradual passing of time and human life. From the fatal Fates to Penelope, from Ariane until that mysterious Berta who spinning with zeal, tailoring crafts hasn’t ceased to embroider the outline of characters and seductive legends. And every time the thread yielded or a hole was opened, nimble fingers mended and recomposed the gaping edge of memory.

We like to imagine that it’s thanks to the work of these heroines armed with needle and thread if we can still escape even for a single moment in the past, wear it, feel it ours in a made to measure suit. But with fashion the past translates into future, experimentalism, something that looks elsewhere and at the same time belongs to our way of being. In short: a handmade clothing makes us feel eternal.

And this is the extraordinary charm of fashion: it carries with itself the history of the world. It’s a suspended time that can’t stop and talks about us.

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