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Bagno a Ripoli and surroundings

Between town and countryside: borderline craft

It’s not easy to determine where city ends and countryside begins.
Even from the top of the Settignano hills and Fiesole lookout the border is labile: houses sink into the green park of Anconella and the gardens of Villa Favard. Behind the bends, the road plunges into splashes of olive trees, among orchards and laurel hedges.

Simply turn at an intersection of Viale Europa or exceed a row of houses to meet vineyards and farmlands of Bagno a Ripoli. It happens in Florence, kaleidoscope of surprises and exciting sights.

Treat yourself to a weekend or a one day holiday in a setting of pure beauty. To accompany you handmade products that combine elegance and originality:

• men’s jackets and custom-made dresses

• natural cosmetic


•lighting made of iron, steel, copper and brass

• pepper grinder in fine wood

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