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Buggiano – Monsummano

Thousand faces of Valdinievole: potters, embroiderers and leather workers between the hills and the Apennines

Buggiano lies in the heart of the Valdinievole, one of the most rich and multi-faceted of Tuscany: cultivated hills alternate with beech forests, fir trees and lonely chestnut woods.

Medieval villages and thirteenth-century castles dot the landscape along with streams and meadows covered with purple iris. Further north the Apennines scenery of the “Svizzera Pesciatina” has remained intact and still gives its products, such as mushrooms and delicious berries.

New images gradually replace the mountains that slope downstream: Monsummano rich in thermal waters and the delicate wetland ecosystem of the Fucecchio Marshes. In the balance of nature and historical evidences beats the fanciful manual tradition of local artisans.

The leading products of the territory combine expertise and a high sense of aesthetics, practicality and refinement vocation. Thus were born leather items related to hunting and to farm work, hunting bags, cartridge belts, leather cases, which combine into a single object strength, quality material and perfect finishing.

Precious embroidery dominates the scene, icon of craftsmanship of Pistoia: masterpieces of needle and thread made from natural fibers solely ‘made in Italy‘.

The circle closes and the itinerary comes to an end with the last stop: the ceramic art, a generous catalog of set for the table, furnishings complemented for the detailed interiors, molded with authentic passion and extreme elegance.

Lots of gift ideas, party favors, small ornamental sculptures, vases and pitchers richly decorated that recall the atmosphere convivial and lavish.

Read the depth charts: a daydream is ready for you.