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Calenzano – Signa

Where fantasy meets the suburbs

Don’t be fooled by appearances: in Calenzano art and craft has always been communicating. Especially when it comes to the world’s most famous Tuscan fairy tale: Pinocchio. These are some of the places that have influenced the imagination of Collodi and today stimulate the creativity of the craftsmen. Moving outside of the most industrialized and commercial area, in the dense forests of Mount Morello and the bleak slopes of the Calvana, you will discover the charm of villas and churches of incomparable historical interest and you can relive some of the episodes of the famous puppet without strings.

While walking along the country roads of Signa, ancient tabernacles chapped by the wind are filled with flowers and swallows’ nests. It’s not the background of a legend of noble maidens and rich lords, but the ancient face of this area that stand the test of time.

Here craftsmanship plays a central role and it takes form in a variety of artifacts:

  • Home decor, objects for the table
  • Fashion accessories and sought jewelry in silver
  • Furnishings upholstered in leather and embellished with metal plates and decorations

Look at the tabs of the craftsmen !