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Cavriglia – Loro Ciuffenna

You can call them if you want … emotions

Cavriglia rises to guard the border between Valdarno and Chianti. Its territory offers many attractions
that nature and man have shaped over the centuries: the immense natural park, deciduous forests, Romanesque churches and cultivated fields close to the mountains.

Here the evidence of ancient trades engage in research and conservation of floral species unique in the world. Thus was born the Mining Museum and the Fineschi Rose Garden: two distinct examples but that reflect the will of its inhabitants to keep alive the magic and originality of the territory.

The route that through San Giovanni Valdarno leads to Loro Ciuffenna and to the natural reserve of the Balze deserves the attention of visitor. Unfortunately the space in this handbook is limited for describing all the attractions of these valleys, the history and the artistic-cultural path that has marked its most creative spirits. But we can’t refrain from mentioning to the rich repertoire of artistic craftsmanship.

The slender grace of the flower-jewelry embellishes pendants, necklaces, bracelets in gold, silver and precious stones. The rustic and familiar warmth wood covers the books, composes the pieces of wall clocks and picture frames, is the basis for lamps and for all indoor environments.

Like in many areas of Casentino and the province of Arezzo, in San Giovanni Valdarno iron and stainless steel are forged into decorative elements, according to the canons of the most modern furniture design, while the versatility of leather results in always fashionable accessories, such as jackets for women, shoulder bags, clutches, belts and briefcases.

The journey is about to begin: give last look at the map and then … let’s go towards new emotions.