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Cecina – Campiglia

Among the many blue flags of the Etruscan Coast

Archaeological parks, Etruscan necropolis, nature reserves, thermal waters, Benedictine monasteries hidden in the woods, fragrant pine forests, villas and Roman temples, Renaissance forts overlooking the sea, cliffs and immense beaches fringed by grassy dunes, myrtles and lush green live oaks.

 And the ever-present sea, blue velvet of Tuscany, that monitors the scenario of the Etruscan Coast. How many suggestions has managed to produce this fine and fertile strip of land projected into the blue!

It’s not just a coincidence that it has haunted the hearts of Macchiaioli, Modigliani and Giosuè Carducci. Each of them has tried to trap the colors of these places, the seductive charm of the saltiness, ripples of sand and waves, cypresses “tall and outspoken” of Bolgheri and all articulated succession of landscapes still protected as children.

Those who visit these places are bound to come back: the sunsets in Populonia, the cobalt waters of Baratti, the spa in Venturina, hiking in the park Rimigliano will steal a piece of your heart and they won’t return it. The emotions of the coast come back to the assault with the charm of handmade products:

• photo Albums, notebooks, hand-bound journals with precious papers and unusual, such as paper coconut and banana
• padding and tapestry for armchairs, ottomans, sofas
• artistic ceramics and earthenware sculptures from soft colors that recall the colors of the sea

We don’t add more detail, in the hope that you’ll catch by yourself the endless forms of beauty of a land and its artistic value.