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Delicious suggestions from the Maremma coast

When we arrive in Maremma, we have the feeling of going back in time: each place appears untouched, far from what is modern and the air we breathe is full of traditions that do not want to disappear. The coast of Maremma, in particular, brings to mind the paintings of Giovanni Fattori and tell the truth nature of this territory giving a precise representation, not just a description of the territory, but also of a very old and unique trade that was born in Maremma, the “buttero,” (the cowboy of the Maremma), the one who breeds, tames and trains the large herds of cows and horses that are bred in the wild.

Orbetello especially has a very suggestive, unique setting: surrounded by its lagoon, it is linked to the Argentario by a thin strip of land called “the dam” that was built by the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1841-1842. Its history is deeply linked to fishing, a practice that with its corollary of arts and crafts has represented not only the main source of living for the residents, but also a fundamental element of the culture of these places.

Wild, windy, immense, the coast donates to the visitors other unexpected gifts linked to the various productive settings, from the cultivation of the Spirulina algae to fish farming and to the industry connected to its manufacturing, from the production of liqueurs with myrtle berries gathered in the Island of Giglio to the farming of other typical products.