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Fabric in Florence. Ariadne’s Thread: the art of silk and wool in Florence

Ariadne’s Thread: the art of silk and wool in Florence

Florence is a ball of history. At one end of the thread is related to the art of silk and wool, two ancient guilds of Florence.

On the other hand there are modern tailors and fabric craftsmen who weave to the chassis the plots of their city and its traditions.
It all started around the Loggia of Porcellino on which focused the numerous activities of traders, including the silk weavers in via del Carpaccio and wool workers in via dell’Arte della Lana.

The golden age of Florentine silk weavers began in 1400, when damask and brocade fabrics were introduced to Florence: it was an immediate success. The Florentine fashion spread throughout Europe and the fabrics are declined in garments of various styles: hats, caps, vests, belts, socks.

Today, museums and private collections exhibit in their halls fashion from the past: vintage clothes and costumes come back to their former splendor in the Costume Gallery of the Pitti Palace.
But the only ones really capable of trapping craftsmanship and luxury in the labyrinth of time are the artisans of the textiles laboratory and fashion ateliers spread a little everywhere in Florence: Oltrarno, Gavinana, Piazza Alberti, Sant’Ambrogio. Here we continued to make unique and personalized garments:

• fashion accessories and hand decorated clothes
• stylish suits for men with handmade eyelets
• tailored jackets and vests
• wedding dresses and skirts
• veils, hats and accessories for the bride

To unravel the tangle of things to see and do in Florence, this is our suggestion: a map and the experience of our craftsmen.