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Florence Borgo Ognissanti – Porta al Prato

The Florentine craftsmanship to watch, play and enjoy

In the church of Borgo Ognissanti worked some of the greatest artists in history: Giotto, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio.

Most likely the artistic spirit that has permeated this neighborhood still flutters today in the eclectic shops of artisans. Strolling along this itinerary the question naturally arises: what is the Florentine craftsmanship?

It’s the elegance, refinement and craftmanship of 925 silver products.

It’s the wonder of bijoux made of glass and crystal.

It’s the suggestion of an etching full of the Tuscan countryside vibrancy.

It’s the experience of skilled craftswomen working in an ancient tailor’s for children.

It’s the skilled technique in a silver jewel.

It’s the accuracy of a leather-bound book.

It’s the ecstasy of handmade chocolate.

It’s the passion for the traditional Florence “cuoietto” tecnique.

Many are the ingredients that make Florence the nerve center of handicraft products of the highest quality and attention to detail, love for matter and finished object.

If you want to find them all, follow this map.