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Florence Poggio Imperiale and surroundings

Hard stone, silver and precious wood: when the craft becomes regal

In the collective imagination of the Florentines is the spearhead of the Viale dei Colli, the most sophisticated and “in” area of the Tuscan capital.

Situated in an enviable panoramic point above Piazzale Michelangelo, the neoclassical Villa Poggio Imperiale is heritage of UNESCO and a place where you can still taste the Medici and Lorraine double soul of the city. But beware: look and don’t touch. If you do take in the frescoed halls and fairy-tale atmosphere, please direct your gaze to something more manageable to take home as a souvenir.

Whether you are principles or just lovers of fine and inimitable things, visit the leading experts in the field of beauty: the artisans of Florentine mosaic in glass and stones.

Head “downstream” to recover sounds, smells and colors of the city: here waiting for you design jewelry with clean lines, restorers of wood artworks.

Feeling at home in a royal palace? With this map you’re done.