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Heart of serene stone

Florentine and from Romagna at the same time, Firenzuola is the border village par excellence. Located between the Apennines and the mountains of Mugello is the sanctuary of bikers, mushroom hunters and trekking lovers.

But who is in search of its typical product, must aim at something more solid and static: serene stone.
Speaking of serene stone means talking about Florence: this material has given the city the unmistakable gray-sky color of many historic buildings, lodges, churches and paved. Watch them in the rain: bluish hues emerge from wet surfaces, in a magnificent contrast with the red roofs and white plaster buildings.

When cloudy heavens are mixed with indigo quarries of Firenzuola, in the village stonemasons work alongside the artisans of damask steel and wrought iron. If you go to visit them in their heavenly paradise, let yourself be enchanted by the elegance of fireplaces, windows and furniture. Share with a friend and begin the journey together.