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Florence Cathedral – S. Marco

The most beautiful lily in the garden of Italy 

No gaze escapes. Wherever the eye lifts itelf, Brunelleschi’s Dome is there ready to catch it.
A maternal presence, giving charm and palpitations.

If the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the cathedral square has a fault, it is to be beautiful. Too beautiful.

In this profusion of architectural grace, the urban design of the city stuns, the art that settles with a languid harmony on each stone to San Marco square.
The artistic craftsmanship in all its declinations completes the picture of this short and full itinerary:

  • precious lingerie and linen hand embroidered
  • bijoux made of glass and crystal
  • customized frames, processed with numerous techniques
  • creative jewelries in silver
  • Niccolini theatre the oldest in Florence
  • delicious gastronomy
  • fashion accessories made of leather
  • semi-precious stone mosaics, an ancient art that flourished in the sixteen-century Florence of Ferdinando I De’ Medici

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