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Florence Porta Romana

In the maze of Oltrarno: noble and popular Florence

A short walk from the Boboli Gardens, along the road that goes down from Piazzale Michelangelo to Porta Romana, it is usual to be enchanted
by the lush greenery and aristocratic villas that line this route.

But even greater is the thrill of rediscovering in a corner of Florence a perfectly preserved stretch of the ancient city walls and alleys congested only by the real Florentines.

Away from the tourist routes, the San Frediano district is a labyrinth where it’s amazing to get lost relying on a very particular thread of Ariadne, that one of craftsmen of:

animals and cases in silver

dresses and accessories for wedding and ceremony

• fashion accessories and decorations on fabric

• frames, mirrors and decorative objects made of materials found in nature

• vases, jugs and glass furniture

• ancient techniques and the decorative shapes

For further details, see the tabs of the craftsmen.