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Florence Bellosguardo

Craft and nature in the green lungs of Florence

Some argue that the hill of Bellosguardo exceeds in beauty and elegance than the more well-known and touristic Piazzale Michelangelo.

Undoubtedly Ugo Foscolo thought so when he composed the poem The Graces in one of the villas surrounded by magnolias and impeccable gardens: the atmospheres of these places inspired the subject and dedication to Canova.

It was the same enchanting view of the Dome, Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Croce, the absolute peace and the lushness of the plants to move the pen of Eugenio Montale and excite artists and famous people who have stayed here.

Welcome to uptown of Soffiano and Isolotto, where you can follow an itinerary for nature and open air activities lovers. Two places not to be missed: the Limoniaia of Villa Strozzi, with its summer calendar full of cultural events and the Cascine Park, the green lung of the historical park of the town of Florence.

But if you get tired of walking, stop at the local artisans. They will invigorate your senses with their artifacts:

desk accessories, snuff boxes, silver and gold enamelled boxes in various styles
creation and restoration of stained glass, lamps, mirrors
copper embossed tray and silver articles

To follow the red thread of poetry and nature, do not miss this tour. Read the boards of the artisans for all the details.