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From Certaldo to Montaione

Medieval art wanted

Situated in the center of Val d’Elsa, Certaldo is one of those Tuscan countries that seldom escapes from the memory of those who visited it.

Will that be the birthplace of Boccaccio and home of a phantasmagoric street arts festival, Mercantia. Will that be that customers never gets tired of walking up and down of its winding streets and admire the Praetorian Palace covered with coats of arms and noble plates.

Whatever will be the magic that holds together the beauties of this place, remains the pleasure of rediscovering them from time to time as if they had just emerged from the imagination of the craftsmen of ancient times.

You will find handcrafted fabrics weaved by loom, furniture for living room and kitchen built according to Renaissance techniques, but also paintings, mirrors, contemporary taste chairs .

And more:
• wall tiles, finely hand decorated
• vases, plates and ceramic sets
• nice earthenware sculptures

Looking for the medieval portrait in the twenty-first century? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In Montaione the semiprecious stones are processed and transformed into boxes, photo frames, obelisks, tables, vases and tiles for bathrooms. Ceramic and stoneware assume original forms, become sculptures, containers, design objects never dull. Everything gets the essence of the tradition and sends it to the viewer.