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From Montespertoli to Incisa Valdarno

Chianti is… not only wine

In a part of countryside between Florence and Siena, the unmistakable design of Chianti is easy to track.

Here, more than elsewhere, the seasons transform the landscape through the changing of the symbol of this territory: the grapevine.

The vineyards between Montespertoli and San Casciano are tender green in spring when the branches are covered with leaves, orange and gold in the autumn sunsets, brown or crystalline if the winter settles frost on uncovered clods and branches at rest, bright and full of grapes during the summer months.

But whatever is the time of year, what resists and maintains an authentic profile is artistic craftsmanship. An itinerary suitable for adult and child:

  • exclusive decorations and furnishing accessories
  • artistic handicrafted ceramics
  • terracotta furnishings
  • decoration and restoration of furniture
  • sculptures, statues and wooden minimalist compositions

Considered by many to be the best for strength and aesthetics, terracotta of Impruneta is the key element of the local daily life and business activities. Its bright red pigment is present in street furniture, roofing, terraces, home courtyards and gives to the city and its surroundings an unmistakable appearance. Florence is strongly affected by this product: your eyes will meet it in the soft red of some churches and among ornaments of Renaissance palaces. But in a corner of countryside, to pot-bellied jars of more than a meter that stand out guarding gardens and fountains, some brave craftsmen have replaced niche products

In order not to miss any detail of your holiday in Tuscany, follow our itinerary.