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Grosseto City Centre

In the land of cowboys: crafts to lasso

In history and popular tradition Maremma has long been “bitter”.

But nowadays, far from the tangle of past problems (banditry, malaria, poverty, illiteracy) is an absolutely sweet land, “a desert of beauty full of sun,” as the poet Felicia Dorothea Hemans wrote.

A place scattered with Etruscan and Latin testimonials, cities and villages of artistic merit, coastal parks, towers and ramparts along headlands covered with myrtle and oak trees, natural spa, shady pine forests. And of course the sea that dominates the whole scene with its clearness and the white sand beaches.

To show to your eyes the countless combinations of natural and architectural charms, we suggest you to take a break in Grosseto.
Worth a visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Medicean walls and, in particular, the fourteenth-century Sienese Keep. From Piazza Dante, where overlooks the Dome and the Aldobrandeschi Palace, you can easily reach the charming Piazza del Sale where once the salt was gathered and distributed.

Walking the streets, still looking medieval in numerous stretches, you will notice the perfect cohesion between culture and territory in the artisans workshops.

Go and browse among their artifacts. You will be surprised by refined and classic jewelry, functional and fashionable leather handbags, delicious cakes and traditional biscuits, extravagant shaped hats and manufactured in various materials: felt, straw, feathers.

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