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Monte San Savino

Ornamental and functional: the watchwords for ceramics and tailored suits

Contended in medieval times among Arezzo, Siena, Perugia and Florence, Monte San Savino is still an object of desire.

Although it is no longer a land of conquest, arouses in visitors the desire to seize his impressive Castel of Gargonza, the Renaissance Lodge of Markets and Cassero which houses the municipal museum of ceramics.

Stealing it from ValdiChiana, but you can snatch a treasure of great value: the artistic craftsmanship. Here the ceramic processing has received a boost to innovation and experimentation elsewhere unknown. As in the case of Cortona, ornamental art overlap the established tradition of usage ceramics.

On the surfaces of bowls, vases, jugs, fruit bowls and “warmers to whistle” (small traditional braziers), thicken timbered motifs, swirls, spirals, geometric sequences, reliefs and the usual tracery decorations. The minimalist elegance of these items is unique and encourages every day manual ability and imagination of master potters.

Sophistication and sobriety of style is rooted in another local art, tailoring: bespoke coats, suits, skirts and shirts confirm once again the innate cult of beauty and function of Monte San Savino.

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