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Lajatico – San Miniato

Natural shows and wrought iron artisanal products, precious stones, wood and …spices

Emerald meadows as far as the eye can see and a natural amphitheater that emerges out of nowhere like an exotic flower in the grass.

This masterpiece of nature is called “theater of silence.”
Each year, Andrea Bocelli returns here in his home town, to sing and weave the rest of the music.

This is the wave of Lajatico harmony: a landscape that is not easy to find, even in Tuscany where hills abound. But the shape of the Volterra area has a charm that takes you away. As the ruins of the Longobard Pietracassia Fortress, almost completely swallowed up by the forest, and yet so full of charm.

This journey starts here and continues along the river Era up to San Miniato. On the way small villages of the plain, noble villas, churches and chapels that modernity has not dented.

A lonely path that leads to the discovery of artifacts, but also of forgotten flavors, such as the golden spice: saffron. You will meet a family of artisans who work with the most sought after flowers of the earth and with infinite patience draws from the pistils the precious ingredient to make unique several food products: chocolate, jams, honey and many other delicacies.

And if that’s not enough for you, the beauty of ancient furniture, gilded frames, restoration of antiques, carvings and inlays will make you rediscover how many beautiful forms wood can take, bringing back many memories…
Travelling in the real Tuscany? We know how and we would like to share with you our “secret.” Follow the itinerary to find out.