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Livorno city centre

Livorno: a comolitian and multicultural city

Livorno is a city that has always been looking, rather than to itself, to others and what it went beyond the quay and the red Medici fortress.

A city outstretched towards the sea and the world as its Keep of Matilde. Crossroads of cultures, religions and different people, has made of exchange and tolerance its very reason for living: the commercial activity.

It is a young city (a 500 years old “Miss”), lively, heterogeneous, similar to Venice for the presence of bridges and picturesque waterways. It’s also a city that gave birth to musical geniuses like Mascagni, painting, such as Modigliani and Fattori, poetry, like Giorgio Caproni. It’s a city that has maintained a high level of art and culture, thanks to Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, the Goldoni theater, the Sanctuary of Montenero, the elegance of Mascagni’s Square and the urban architecture along Via Borra.

Time passes and Livorno continues to smile to change, multiculturalism and creativity that the contaminations of its artistic craft give off every day.

In the workshops the artisans don’t stop “doing”, invent, discover new forms and combinations. That’s how come:
clay statues shaped according to the truscan processing techniques
ceramic plates and trays decorated with portraits and landscapes
necklaces, earrings, rings and jewels in Murano glass

Are you curious to discover the cosmopolitan city for excellence? This route will lead you there.