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Massa Marittima and the Palazzo dell’Abbondanza

The agricultural richness of the Maremma is the result of the dedication, the work and the sacrifice that, since the Etruscan and Roman times, the inhabitants have generously performed to improve the efficiency of those vast territories that were mostly occupied by the thick Mediterranean scrub and by insalubrious swamps. Without the help of technological tools, throughout the centuries, mankind has been able to tame a harsh and inaccessible territory, achieving a diversification of cultures besides sheep and livestock farming.

In the historic center of Massa Marittima, we can find a testament of this constant tension towards the development and the improvement of their conditions: the Fonte and Palazzo dell’Abbondanza (lit. the fountain and palace of abundance).

This itinerary offers the possibility to enter in contact with a series of companies that offer variety and quality in their productions.