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Massa Marittima and surroundings

The seductive essentiality of the Metalliferous Hills

An inlay of cloud ripples the profile of Massa Marittima: it’s the Cathedral of San Cerbone, incomparable masterpiece of Romanesque art.

The glow of the facade stones stands out against the blue sky while the bell tower and the frescoes of the interior give a pleasant dizziness.

The beauty of the Metalliferous Hills created in silence, lonely views from the top of the hills, wide open spaces that vanish from the earth in the blue ribbon of the sea. But it’s a soft and delicate grace, which seems to crumble at every puff of wind and recompose in measured gestures of its inhabitants. It’s a grace sometimes incomprehensible and enigmatic.

The few able to interpret and translate it into an artifact are the artisans who live in these lands. Outside the standard of workmanship, away from contamination and interference of big cities and modern machinery, materials are transformed into functional objects for everyday life. A distinctive feature of local craft is essentiality. Here everything is “simple”, purified and brought back to the origin, to the substance of which it is composed.

The sobriety of wooden furniture, furniture items, jewelry, pottery, stoneware and porcelain becomes design, it seduces without being trivial. What has been here for centuries tradition, naturally culminated in innovation and experimentation. The rustic style returns to the spotlight, minimal ornaments on surfaces of bowls, jugs and vases meet the modern taste because they transmit family heat and especially emphasize the irreducible identity of these artifacts.

In a microcosm where time seems to have stopped, unique furnishingsare waiting for you. Read the tabs and follow the route.