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A fairy tale of artisanal traditions among the Sienese “Montagnola” and the Chianti region

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine to travel to Tuscany with a special guide: an artisanal mirror, timeless and by the essential lines. In it, sways the soft outline of the hills of the Val d’Elsa and in the distance a Medieval fortified village of Dantesque’s suggestion: you are in Monteriggioni one of the most beautiful stops on the Via Francigena Toscana.

Let’s explore the smooth glass further: the warm, coppery colors of mixed-material jewels blend with the amber hues of the Sienese countryside. Look further: windows, doors and wrought-iron decorations frame a medieval painting. The thick weave of a precious tapestry links each detail of your journey.

And now let’s open our eyes: it is not a mirage, but a place that will inspire the imagination and the curiosity of those who travel across it and will bring you in close contact with the folklore and the artisanal traditions of the territory around Siena.

Amongst turreted walls and unique architectural works, make your dream come true for a day and taste the perfect interweaving of local products and Tuscan landscape.

Traveling along the streets inside the Castle of Monteriggioni and the stunning itineraries surrounding it, you will find artisanal bottegas that make unique products: one-of-a-kind jewels, true works of art inspired by the medieval tradition, fabrics and clothing made on the hand-loom, artistic stained-glass windows that create emotions, ceramics that narrate Tuscany, surprising and innovative objects made of eco-friendly cardboard.

At the end of the path, when it is time to taste and savor a bit of Tuscany, the opportunities in Monteriggioni abound: from the typical Tuscan charcuterie and the delicious sheep’s milk cheeses (pecorino) to the sweet and savory bakery creations inspired by the land and its aromas.