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Piombino – Porto Azzurro

The sea in the ceramic

The sea of the Tuscan Archipelago is bewitched.
The song of the sirens has not reached these shores, but in the air, in the things carried by breezes and the undertow, there remains a memory, an indecipherable nostalgia

It is the sea, the restlessness of the wave, the mystery of turquoise surface that makes you feel its obstinate presence.

The islands in the literary tradition are the best places for adventure and magic, solitary personal growths, meetings and drop-outs. Each island is a world apart, with its own unique identity.

But who landed there has within himself this consciousness? Knows how to cross a hybrid space, halfway between land and sea? Those who live in the interior, away from the coast, maybe don’t understand, but the Mediterranean sea shape coastal cities, redesign streets, buildings, ramparts, towers and lighthouses, bleaching the stones of the houses. It has the power to impress its depths in the eyes of the inhabitants.

And people carry the sea in their life, in food, in imagination and in objects they create. The craft between Piombino and the nearby island of Elba communicates with the sea for thousands of years and takes inspiration from it. So do not think that the local pottery will lose all the features of the Sienese and Florentine terracotta. They are original, intensely marine, traced back to all the nuances of the Tyrrhenian Sea, to nacre of the shells, to fish eyes, to iridescence of their scales, to languid algae and coral.

Along this route, among pottery similar to fossils and stones smoothed by the tide, you will find wrought iron furnishings, worked so subtly to remember a starfish, the spines of a hedgehog, the tentacles of a jellyfish.
Everything here talk about the sea: who can listen to it will appreciate the beauty of the Gulf, the history it represents, the art that flows into it. See the tabs below for more details.