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Pisa City Centre

Masterpieces in precious metals, paper and fabric

The Square of Miracles is a true miracle of technique, an aesthetic masterpiece of the worldwide architecture, not only of Pisa. A World Heritage Site since 1982, the green lawn surrounds the perfect monumental combination of the Cathedral, the Leaning Tower (actually a bell tower) and Baptistery. But beauties of Pisa aren’t limited to this famous white marble triptych in which the art blends Romanesque and Byzantine and Islamic.

Artistic handicraft is one of the attractions of the city, a treasure that few people know but will never forget once discovered. Only here landscapes become jewelry: silver earrings imprison Tuscan views, country houses in miniature, placid hills from which peep slender cypress trees.

The fantasy is housed in the art of bookbinding and transforms albums, photo frames, notebooks, binders, desk accessories, in luxury items to be donated or treat themselves.

The study of ancient folk traditional natural fibers, such as hemp combined with the recovery of different types of weaving now abandoned, generates inimitable textile works and created to the frame, entirely Italian color-treated clothing.
A modern interpretation of three great traditions of handmade await you: follow the map to discover them all.