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Pitigliano, along the sunken roads of the town

Pitigliano appears suddenly around a corner, emerging from the tufa of the mountain as the sketch of a hasty stonemason.

It’s the unreal silhouette of a country in the making, a project left unfinished on a wooded ridge. Pitigliano is the thought of the same mountain, an idea, the desire of the rock to be an urban territory.

A question comes to the mind of those who see it for the first time: who carved the city in the rock? Who translated into homes the steep slopes? A genius or a crazy person. An artist, for sure.

Pitigliano breathes, resounds in the footsteps of those crossing it: it absorbs the daylight, it is tinged with ocher, gray, pink. The eye of the traveler is confused, it doesn’t know if it has in front a city in the mountain, or a mountain in the city.

Prepare your heart: the thrill of crossing the historic center is unmatched. And your journey in such an arcane place will get even more fascinating if you stop at the two bottegas on this route. The art of combining functionality and creativity in an object outside the canonical classifications is the hallmark of these artisans.

Under your fingers you will feel the porosity and irregularities of the crockery and the ceramic furnishings freed from the ornamental legacies of Tuscan earthenware. This individual, personal language  more and more projected towards a free artistic expression, will win you over. Last but not least: gastronomic specialties of excellence, such as the wine jellies. Hard to resist delicacies to be savored surrounded by a timeless architectural and natural setting.