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Perfectionists in furnishing

At the edge of Chianti hills, in the heart of Tuscany, is located one of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the production of design furniture and handcrafted ‘made in Italy’ clothing.

It is Poggibonsi, a town with a shimmering profile.
Before Etruscan and then Latin. Then it became Florentine and finally Sienese. A Disputed then conquered, destroyed and finally resurrected. Innovative and archaic.

This important junction of the Via Francigena has preserved over the centuries its strong identity of town which turned to trading, to the selection and processing of fine materials.
But it’s also an only apparently modern and technological city: its artistic and monumental heritage is amazing. To report the Town Hall, the Praetorian Palace and the Tower of the Podestà within walking distance: all symbols of medieval architecture towering next to the collegiate church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Different architectural styles and stories of past ages are complemented by more recent events and recent arts.
Things to do in Poggibonsi are many and intriguing. Those related to its artistic craftsmanship are even more. A little taste?
the oldest goldsmith in the province of Siena
• custom-made furniture in finely processed wood
• refined frames and mosaic mirrors
• theatrical costumes and tailored clothes

And much more in this itinerary! Look at the tabs to view the artifacts and learn about the artisans.