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Pontedera – Lorenzana

A land rich in traditional crafts and multiethnic spirit

Sete Sois Sete Luas isn’t a tongue twister, but the most explosive and multicultural festival of Pontedera in the Tuscan landscape and probably nationally.

Seven suns seven moons” (this is the translation from Portuguese) is a meeting point for 13 countries and thousands of artists that revolve around the Mediterranean culture.

An event created almost by accident by the inspiration of some men of Pontedera and their desire to communicate with new people.
Exceed the boundaries: this is the password. The Nobel Prize winner and author Jose Saramago has been involved in the organization and he has contributed in the realization of a project and a dream.

So Pontedera and other nearby municipalities since 1987 welcome an item that the local craftsmen have always concretized in their artifacts: fantasy, artistic attitude, tradition, curiosity.

Goldsmiths generations reveal their mastery in jewelry halfway between classic and modern. Diamond rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets embellished with rubies, sapphires and emeralds: many small masterpieces in gold enclosing the charm of the ancient and the spirit of avant-garde.
Even ceramics communicate strongly their own personality: it comes to dishes, trays, unconventional lunchbox, sought in shades of color and design.
Between Pontedera and Lorenzana culture of the handmade pervades even the food products, such as pasta. Here spaghetti, penne and fusilli are made solely by hand, respecting the authenticity of raw materials and manufacturing process.

The quality is a ‘must’ value for those who produce a delicate object, elegant and magical as candles: what other piece of furniture can transform the atmosphere, make a table romantic, a shelf, a window sill with its light and scent?
To vanish any doubts, visit personally workshops on this route: the thrill is guaranteed.