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Rufina – Pelago

Escape from the city on the tracks of old maps

To escape the city chaos and spend an afternoon in an oasis of peace, a good remedy is to point to the mountains of Vallombrosa and Consuma.

But sometimes it isn’t necessary to go up to the top: the air is already clean, quiet and fragrant of leaves in the countries above the Sieve river.

Nearby Rufina grapevine and silence imprinted in the valleys a permanent design that recalls the flagship product in this area: Chianti Rufina. Continuing to climb up amongst winding roads and streets crossed by hares and other wildlife, olive groves, country houses and isolated farms fill the eye and still transform the landscape.

It’s surprising the abundance of vegetation and the variety of fruit trees that grow in fields and gardens. It affects the closeness of man to the earth and its products, the cyclical nature of time and the artisanal workshops.

Reproductions of old geographical maps and artistic ceramics are just some of the products that the creativity of meticulous craftsmen produce also on commission.
There isn’t a prime season to fully appreciate the Val di Sieve: at any time you visit it, it will conquer your senses. To begin traveling, see the map.