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San Gimignano

Handicraft in the shade of the ancient towers

13 towers emerge on the horizon: San Gimignano is thus revealed, a rapid geometric pattern traced on the sky.

It is the undisputed queen of the province of Siena, elegant in its architectonic essentiality but a melting pot of architectural wonders. Piazza della Cisterna is one of these: a unique monument of its kind, because it was built on a slope and has an unusual triangular shape.

Wonderful buildings in rough stone enthrone it, the Tower of the Devil, and the Towers of the Ghibelline family of Ardinghelli.
San Gimignano is an invitation to loose onelself among the narrow streets, crossroads, backyards that pop up behind a corner and where masterpieces appear from nowhere: the Romanesque churches of San Bartolo and S. Jacopo, the white travertine facade of the church of S. Francis, the Cathedral

The ancient charm that emerge in every detail of the landscape, shine in treasures of craft: design ceramics, exquisite jewellery, decorated fabrics, yarns and handmade leather: these are the authentic symbols of this medieval hamlet, heritage of UNESCO.

We propose a smooth but varied path in search of fascinating industrious hands that give life to unique and seductive objects. Do not miss a meeting between architectural and artisanal beauties, tradition and artistic techniques: download the map.