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The artifices of Scandicci: natural beauties and human creations

That Scandicci dates back to the third century BC and it’s rich in archaeological and architectural pearls scattered everywhere, known only by its inhabitants and few lucky tourists.
As reflected in the walls and towers of the castle of Acciaiolo, the church of St. Andrew, the charming place of Mosciano and the picturesque village of San Martino alla Palma.

And even the Romanesque churches overlooking the vineyards, stone courtyards, shady forests that conceal and protect ruins of mills and bridges like those of Mulinaccio.

The art of leather is one of the most famous and valuable craftsmanship. Bags and accessories reach their uniqueness by adding small details: gold leaf decorations and freehand drawings. But imagination and manual skills extends to other objects:

•   precious objects in silver

• wooden items, finely decorated

• interior design

• glazed earthenware obtained with innovative techniques and sculptures that portray quirky characters

• fine leather goods


Don’t miss the secret corners of the Florentine countryside: read the insights in the tabs of the craftsmen.