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Silver in Florence

Artisans with quicksilver

Melting, engraving, chisel, embedding, decorating, finishing, forging silver and gold:
the spell of the beauty of Florence owes much to the gestures and the genius of the Florentine goldsmiths.

In Florence,  precious metals processing has always reflected the unitary conception of the arts.

The gold and bronze doors of the Baptistery, the cross by Pollaiolo, the works of Lorenzo Ghiberti, Andrea Pisano and Benvenuto Cellini show the link and the contamination among architecture, painting and Renaissance art of the goldsmith.

Europe and the noble courts in 1500 have lived in the glare of creations of jewelers and silversmiths of the Old Bridge and the Grand Ducal workshops. The glow of these traditions still pulsate in the streets of the Oltrarno.

Through a fascinating walking tour, fine silver handmade products and jealously guarded manufacturing processes will conquer you.

Florence has never been so inviting. Look straight the route.