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Sinalunga – Torrita di Siena

Artistic branching in Val di Chiana

From artistic ceramics in relief to spacious earthenware jars and planters.
From wooden and precious rosaries to fine reproductions of artworks on canvas.

To characterize this route is the attention to detail, artistic research and production techniques of the most disparate. But if the skill and imagination of the artisans of the Crete Senesi never seem to stop working , it’s up to you to make a stop at their shops.

In Sinalunga not only will crafts surprise you, but also the abundance of artworks that emerge through the streets of a beautiful medieval village. Landmarks such as the Praetorian Palace and the Theatre Cyrus Pinsuti dot the alleys, while frescoes and precious paintings adorn the Convent of San Bernardino and the Collegiate Church of St. Martin.

But even more evocative are the ruins of the half-abandoned churches that you can see among the immense green and yellow spaces of the surrounding countryside, as the Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation.
Continue towards Torrita di Siena, a village perched on a promontory of the Val di Chiana and let your curiosity guide you in search of the treasures of this country. Some unforgettable stops: the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa Flora and Lucilla and the archaeological site of Pantani – The Gore, where you will learn about the ancient Etruscan-Roman settlements of an important road junction.

Download the map and travel the paths of art and crafts of the Crete Senesi.