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Sovicille – Monteroni d’Arbia

Crafts to see, to taste, to wear

Earthenware containers, vases, amphorae, artistic jugs. Organic cheeses and pecorino from Siena.

And even fashionable accessories embellished with personalized decorations in different materials. Welcome to a corner of the Crete Senesi! An itinerary that meets the needs of:

fond of clay objects

an abundance of dairy craft products

lovers of handmade bags and clutches

To complete this overview, the splendor of an area of the Sienese countryside, which for centuries experienced the tireless passing of pilgrims to Rome along the Via Francigena. A land full of history and symbols, flourished around the Hospital of La Scala, the fortified mill, the ruined castle of Radi in Creta, the beautiful church of St. Fabian.

There are countless testimonies of faith in the Crete Senesi, as many curves and shades of the hills: each of them evokes a “slow” way of traveling, thoughtful and sensitive that is slowly disappearing from the current routes in Tuscany.

The chapels and the churches and between Sovicille Monteroni represent an enviable artistic and monumental heritage, difficult to describe in a few lines and find in other places in Italy. We have discovered all these treasures in a single location: we entrust  you to enjoy  the pleasure of discovery.

What are you waiting for? Breathtaking views and products ‘made in Italy’ are waiting for you: download the map.