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The Handicraft of the Oltrarno

“Diladdarno”: the throbbing heart of Florence

If you are thinking of taking a romantic walk amongst scenic views and poetic alleys, full of anecdotes and stories, the Florentine Oltrarno is what you are looking for. Also known as “Diladdarno” (lit. on the other side of the Arno as spelled in the local dialect), it continues to be one of the most typical and picturesque quarters of the city. The undeniable beauty of its piazzas – just think of Piazza del Carmine, Santo Spirito, San Frediano and Piazza Tasso – along with its architectonic treasures, its gardens and the Lungarnos, have always attracted Florentine and international artists, something that has gained this area its nickname of “home of the artisans.”

Today the number of artisans is very much reduced, but the same cannot be said of the high quality of the products realized. The very high-quality level remains in fact the driving force of the entire artisanal traditional production. From the creations in silver that are the expression of a centenary mastery and know-how, to the design and manufacturing of objects in leather, paper, and cloth, preciously bounded and decorated, to the skillful restoration of ancient furniture. We end the itinerary tasting some dishes of the Tuscan tradition that bring us back to the genuine flavors of yesteryear.