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The Master Artisans in Tuscany

The third itinerary during the European Artistic Crafts Days, the event organized around Europe and celebrating the Artistic and Artisanal Crafts on March 31, April 1 and 2, is devoted to the Master Artisans and follows the road of  Tuscany. It starts in Anghiari, continues towards Pisa and ends in Leghorn.

In the picturesque village of Anghiari we meet Master Artisan  MASTRO SANTI DEL SERE, who carries out his eclectic activity in his bottega, dealing above all with the creation of furnishings inspired by ancient illustrations which he then interprets with his own personal design. A sensitive restorer of antique pieces and a consummate master of the techniques of marquetry and carving, he pursues new and highly personal paths of artistic research which materialize in the original application of techniques of an ancient flavor with expressive concepts that are absolutely modern.

We moved next from the province of Arezzo to the Pisa territory, specifically to Navacchio, where Luca Bonanni in his workshop CO.BO ARTISTICA works with artistic cast iron like in the Medieval. The strength of this firm is in their versatility that allows them to perform all kinds of productions, even the most specific. Each work is thought and loved from the start, from the first sketch to the production phase, everything is strictly handmade, using hammer and anvil, especially forged and built for any type of production, as in the best tradition.

We continue on and arrive in nearby Cascina where we enter

IL CARATO, a goldsmithing bottega lead by Sandra Ugolini and Arianna Celleno. We will be taken by their enthusiasm that comes from fulfilling their childhood dream of learning how to make jewelry. After having acquired the technique and manual skills, their wish became reality with the founding of the Atelier Il Carato. A creative journey that brought them to design jewels with a strong identity: enhanced volumes, stimulating chromatic effects and the pairing of rare gems with a variety of semi-precious stones, corals and pearls, the product of a personal research through their frequent travels to Brazil, Africa, and India. Their inspiration comes from nature, and has a clear influence on their main production of jewelry, but it also affects their home furnishings, made with recycled materials, and assembled with the eclectic refinement of someone who has always been creating jewelry.

We end our third itinerary on Via Borra in Leghorn in the workshop of STUDIOZERO-VETRO, where Caterina Zucchi designs and creates Murano glass jewelry using the torch or flame work technique. The technique mainly used in her creations is that of flame pearl work. Caterina Zucchi loves the details, the research of unusual forms, the combination of different colors and materials, astonishing pieces are born from here, which see a mixture of Murano glass with cotton, wool, fabrics and metals.