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The Yellow Gold of Maremma

In the last few years, Maremma has been implementing a process of promotion of its territory that, in highlighting its history, its culture and its traditions, brings the visitor to the discovery of true treasures, not just of its art and landscape, but also linked to the territory and to the rural world and more specifically to its typical products. The Maremma has started the biological farming of ancient grains, a product that has not been subjected to man-made selection, neither has it been genetically modified. With research and with keeping that tradition alive, it is possible to preserve an ancient genetic heritage that could go extinct.

Various associations of growers have formed to research, grow the grains on specific land plots, select and preserve this immense heritage. Agricultural biodiversity, ecological and financial sustainability, values that have always been part of the local productions, introduce us to the history, the customs and traditions of the Maremma that date back centuries. It has been scientifically proven that pasta, bread and the other wheat products made with flours of grains grown this way have high nutritional values, besides being very pleasant to savor.