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Florence Via Gioberti and surrounding area

Via Gioberti and surroundings: at full shopping

3 … 2 … 1 … shopping spree! This itinerary includes roads that the Florentines prefer for their purchases.

Not only because Via Gioberti and surroundings are teemed with shops and Made in Italy boutiques, but also because it meets the requirements (wallet and taste) of everyone. You will not find famous brands, but certainly the most original and customized products. Few tourists venture beyond Piazza Beccaria: why don’t you try?

Here artisans and small traders have found fertile ground to express creativity and desire for experimentalism: wooden furniture; artistic stained glasses, chandeliers and lighting; inventive hand-decorated ceramics; marvelous tailoring items of clothing.

Tired of downtown crowd? Follow the example of those who live in Florence: try to browse for these pathways.